Yoga: Having practiced and studied various forms of Yoga for over 25 years, I offer short workshops as well as residential retreats that are a designed to teach yoga practices and meditation that will support well being and improve flexibility.  The goal of my teaching is to empower each person to develop a daily practice that suits her or his needs.   This yoga instruction is offered to small groups, couples, and individuals at the retreat center; daily instruction can be added for a small fee to your overnight accommodations..  (All mats are provided.  Loose fitting clothing is preferred. Blankets or personal mats are welcomed):






Meditation describes a state of concentrated attention on some object of thought or awareness. It usually involves turning the attention inward to the mind itself.  A state of focused attention through which one emerges into an ever-increasing clear awareness of reality.  Refers to techniques that focus the mind and promote a state of calmness so that the mind and body can be brought into greater harmony to facilitate health and healing.  Meditation is form of exercise, which aims to relax the body both mentally and physically in a natural way. to contemplate or reflect in a state of relaxed focus.  Meditation takes many forms including prayer, focusing on a specific thought, memory, or breathing that encourages one to relax and achieve a greater sense of the inner self. Aims to connect and balance the internal with the external self.
Bring focus to the mind to achieve calmness, awareness, insight and relaxation.   Open yourself to greater self-understanding and a vibrant, conscious life. Various meditative practices are available to the student.    Classes are offered throughout the year and can be arranged for specific retreat groups. Daily meditation sessions are available for overnight guests staying at the retreat center. Donations are accepted for meditation courses.



-Call or email for prices. {Usually for a total of $ 25 you can experience a one hour session for up to four participants.}
-Individuals in small classes of 2-6 sessions in length for groups of 2-6 participants.
-Couples or friends on vacation and for those staying at our Flowing Waters Retreat Center: consider combining yoga instruction with a massage therapy session to expand and deepen your relaxation. Half day or full day sessions
-Children of similar ages in small groups (homeschooled children are most welcome too)
-Families who desire a half day or full day experience at the Retreat Center and Farm
-Massage therapy clients can receive specific yoga recommendations to support their wellness goals and health challenges.:


-Open or drop in workshop coming soon!  -Join others for continuing practice and fellowship.
-Walking Meditation
-Sitting Meditation
-Sound Meditation {Bells, chimes, Forest Song}
-Light Meditation {candle, stars, moon, sunrise and sunset}
-Garden Meditation {butterfly, flowers, root}
-Stone Meditation {Lake Superior Shores and beaches, Gravel Pit}
-Drumming Circle Meditation



For more information or to register
Contact: Craig Mealman
90260 Soper Rd.
Bayfield, WI  54814